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Purpose Driven Connection

Purpose Driven Connection

It must be exciting being Rick Warren these days.  Six months ago, he was just another pastor at a mega-church and author of Purpose-Driven series of books, memorabilia, bobble-head dolls, and action figures.  (Okay, maybe not the dolls & action figures.  Rick — if you’re reading this, bobble-head dolls & action figures are a great idea and could make your Purpose-Driven empire complete.) In the last several weeks, it seems that the mantle of “Pastor to Presidents” has been passed from Billy Graham to Rick Warren.

Earlier this week, I read an article in a national newspaper that Rick Warren is starting a new quarterly magazine, Purpose Driven Connection., complete with an accompanying DVD and access to a Christian social networking website (similiar to Facebook?).

I just have to ask a question:  Why?

This isn’t a criticism of Rick Warren.  Never met him.  We don’t hang out on weekends.  I’m guessing he’s a great guy.  My question is about why Christians need another magazine and special social networking site.  (Let’s call it FaceBible for now.)

Christians are already perceived to live in a bubble, their faith incapable of being exposed to regular life — out there.  I’m not saying it’s true or false, just that we are perceived that way.  It seems to me that this helps reinforce that perception.

Setting those perceptions aside . . . I’m sure Rick Warren’s new projects will be successful.  I hope subscribers for this new magazine and FaceBible (that’s my fictitious name for it) use them as tools to move out of the pews and into the community.  Like Jesus did in his ministry — living, walking, and talking among normal, everyday people.  And admittedly, like I should be doing more of in my own personal ministry.


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