Conversations with a 6-year old

Jesus is coming

Kids say the darnedest things . . . or so the saying goes. This week, I had a few interesting conversations with my 6-year old where he brought up some things that made me go hmm. Here’s one of those conversations.

We were out shopping for a birthday gift for my 4-year old daughter. A few miles from where we live, there’s a billboard along the highway that boldly proclaims Jesus Is Coming.

Him: Why is that sign there?

Me: What sign?

There’s a sign back there that says “Jesus Is Coming”.  Why is it there?

Because whoever paid to have that sign say that wants people to know that Jesus is coming.

Yeah but he already came.  Oh well, I guess that sign is from before.

What do you mean “before”?  Like when Jesus was born and lived like a normal guy?


Do remember about Jesus being born, living and teaching, then being killed on a cross?  Then they put him in a grave.  Then a few days later, he was alive again?  Does that sound familiar?


Then he spent a few weeks with his friends.  After that, he went up into the clouds?  Remember hearing about that?


Well, he’s going to come back in the clouds some day.

Okay.  I think the people who put that sign up are confused.  All the stuff in the Bible happened already.

Not quite.  Almost all of it has happened already.  But there’s a little bit of stuff that hasn’t happened yet . . . like Jesus coming back.  That’s why that sign is there.  To tell people that he’s coming back.

Oh okay.

I think that conversation might have been more interesting for me than it was for him.  It didn’t feel like a teaching moment.  Or even an educational moment.  It felt more like a sharing moment, of sorts.

Up next, a conversation about politics with a 6-year old.


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