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Hello, Stranger! Can I brighten your day?

brighten-your-dayI’m looking for some help with an experiment.

Have you ever noticed that some people have a way of making a room darker just by entering it?  There’s something about their personality, attitude, or outlook on life that makes you wish you were somewhere else.

Then there are people that can make almost any situation better simply by being present.  Sometimes it’s their demeanor.  Sometimes it what they say, what they do, or the expression on their face.  Whatever it was, they made your day better simply because your paths crossed.

Here’s where I could use your help:  Please share your ideas on how to brighten the day of a stranger. How would you make their day better?

Or:  If a complete stranger came up to you, what could they say to you or do for you right then and there that would make your day better — a little bit brighter?

I’m looking for ideas that are small enough that just about anyone could do it, but noteworthy enough that the other person would probably remember it at the end of their day and maybe even tell a friend about it.

Please post your comments here on this blog so others can join in on the discussion. Thanks!



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WitnessSome books take me for a wild ride in my imagination to other worlds, times, experiences, and place.  Other books fill my head with new information.  Some books proverbially rock my world and cause me to rethink what I thought I already knew.

Witness doesn’t quite fit into any of those categories for me.  It’s a familiar story with familiar characters.  Yet it has been an incredibly insightful book for me — not because of the story itself.  Instead, it is the way the main character tells her story that makes this book well-worth reading.  And it’s a quick read, too!  (Keep reading . . . no spoilers.) Continue reading

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