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It’s not good news — it’s GREAT news!I

[This is the second installment of the People Jesus Touched series.]

Jesus is seated on a hillside, perhaps overlooking the Sea of Galilee in the distance.  Throngs of people have gathered to hear Jesus, whose fame is increasing every day.  The people crowded in and around Jesus to hear him and to see him.  Perhaps on this day, they’ll be able to see a miracle like has been rumored.  Jesus begins to teach.  They listen with bated breath to his every word.  All eyes are on him.

People from the city, the villages, and the country have gathered to hear this rabbi teach.  Young and old.  The schooled and the simple.  The wealthy and the poor.  Clean and the unclean.

Ah, the unclean.  The ceremonially unclean, though not necessarily because of sin, they’ve been separated because of their uncleanness.  Separated from their community until they no long suffer from their condition.  On this day, it’s a man with some sort of skin disease and is unclean because of it.  He’s come to hear this rabbi teach, but only from a distance.  Close enough to hear.  Not so close to cause an issue with the other people. Continue reading



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Thanks, JC. Care for some iced tea?

iced_tea1I think mothers-in-law (MIL’s) get a bad rap.  Most of the time, anyway.  In our situation, we live close enough to visit and help each other when it’s needed, too close to bother spending the night, and too far away pop in all the time. We live just the right distance away from the in-laws.  🙂

It’s interesting that the first person that Jesus touched (in Mark‘s & Luke‘s gospels) is Simon Peter’s mother-in-law.  Mark’s and Matthew’s accounts actually mention that Jesus touched her.  I think this one of the funnier healings in scripture.  Let’s set this up.

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