Why ‘blink fast’?

carcrash1I think I know why people go to races (NASCAR, Indy, F1, etc). I think they go to see the crashes. (Full disclosure: I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. I’ve been to a few minor races, but I’m not a racing fan. The only race I follow is the Indy 500, and that’s primarily because that’s what people do in Indiana in May.)

Watching from the stands, my eyes are glued to the action, watching & waiting for someone to make a mistake or bump another car, then spin out of control. It’s exciting, and it makes for a long, exhausting day. Constantly scanning the field of cars, watching every turn, waiting, waiting. The only reprieve from this focused concentration comes under a yellow flag.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually witnessed a crash happen. Only the aftermath. (You have to actually go to races to see one, or hope the camera guys are on their toes. But it’s just not the same seeing it on TV.)

Sometimes, I’m distracted. Looking at another part of the track. In the restroom, taking a different kind of pit stop. But even when I’m in my seat and watching intently, I blink. Maybe a long blink, to kind of give my eyes a brief rest.

In the blink of an eye, I miss the big crash of the day.

I think that’s the way life is. Only there are more distractions. There are lots of interesting moments. I miss most of them because I’m not paying attention, I’m in a hurry, or (if you’ll indulge me) I’m blinking.

Life goes by fast enough already. And so much of it seems mundane and ordinary. But does it have to be? Methinks not.

So, I’m sitting up. Paying attention. Eyes on the track. And I know I have to blink, but I’m going to blink fast. I can’t wait to see something interesting happen.

So, blink fast it is.


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